Monday, July 11, 2011

Are our netizens more "creative" than ever?

More creative minds, talented voices, animators, etc, than ever before? Emphatically, no! Our scrapbooks full of poems and paintings are just transparent, visible to all. There just appears to be more creative output than ever before. What is new, exciting and may lead to a renaissance of creativity is the ability to collaborate on a global scale with virtually anyone in any field, expert and novice. Just one little problem: how do we enable true collaboration across the net? I know we have all the analog tools for communication now digitized and live online, the problem of successfully communicating and supporting a point of view remains. And the gap between amateur and professional does not diminish because of the net, but if you don't know the "language" of the professional, or can decipher the insights of the amateur there can be no collaboration between these groups. No app for that.