Sunday, September 8, 2013

Patterns with meaning.

Your hypothesis and area of interest predisposes you to look for a particular set of stimuli. How can there be any meaning in what you see or sense without some prior experience of it?

Finding patterns that have meaning is a singular activity, sharable only when you have made the discovery yourself first. Creating a data set, amassing a body of research or distilling a literature review is the first step. You can collaborate freely at this point. This is the point of divergence where you intentionally reach beyond the initial scope of your interest. How can you know where your interest really lies, unless you know where the boundaries are?

I'm interested in Lake L'Amable, a small, deep, spring-fed body of water just south of Bancroft, Ontario. If you are too, then this pattern has meaning to you as well.

The biggest black blog is the actual lake (aerial view) and 
it's just off the main hwy. (#62)